Credo is a UAE based Technology Services company with global initiatives. Credo has the required know-how, spirit and capabilities to give its clients integrated information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and services with a major emphasis on Information Security. Credo creates alliances with exceptional technology companies and delivers trusted solutions and services to our customers in concert with our associates. As a leading technology service provider, it places lot of value on national and international partnerships with technology leaders.

Our mission is to be the most trusted technology partner in the region by offering vendor independent and innovative ICT solutions with exceptional value and superior levels of service to all our customers.

What sets us apart is the way we work together – with each other, with our partners and with our clients in providing unmatched technology services.

Credo envisions Secure and Optimal networks that help clients build high-performance businesses. Networks that reduce costs, improve agility; enhance the performance of critical applications and lower risks.