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Credo offers Enterprise Security Consulting Services to help minimize risks,address threats, ensure regulatory compliance, manage security operations, and proactively protect critical information infrastructure.

Securing any business goes beyond implementing firewall rules and anti-virus software.Organisations need to deliver governance and compliance, which includes IT systems and data security.We provide integrated security services and solutions combining both innovation and quality.

Credo provides customized, interactive and hands-on trainings to corporate clients. We help organizations identify, customize and deliver IT Security trainings for their dynamic corporate environment, thus ensuring maximum impact.

From small local businesses to large enterprises, we work with our customers and partners to solve their security and compliance challenges, enhance resources and support, and drive their business forward.

While adding layers of authentication can easily become onerous for users, the goal of multifactor authentication is to provide additional layers of security while still keeping authentication relatively quick and hassle-free.

Our solutions provide identification, preservation, collection, analysis and reporting on evidences found on various devices or storage media in support.